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Initial and last session                      Intercultural communication

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New Train the Trainer course in October 2019!

From October 21 to 25, a new Train the Trainer course will be organised at Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. This course will be open to all interested individuals.

After completing the “Train the Trainers” programme, participants will:

– Be able to train other university administrative staff in the most important aspects of internationalisation, so they can raise awareness and shift the internal culture of their institutions towards internationalisation and thus create systemic change.

– Be aware that the training forms part of the Internationalisation at Home process and that it leads to sustainable results

– Be better informed about internationalisation

– Have better presentation skills

– Have a great understanding of intercultural communication

– Have learnt from other trainers, other participants and other cultural backgrounds.

More information will be available soon.