Training activities

Short-term joint staff training events

The training on “HEI training experts in internationalisation” is a five-day training for trainers where staff of partner countries will follow topics related to history of internationalisation, intercultural communication global trends in international higher education, statistics and rankings, International vision, etc.

The combination of the three components (Internationalisation, Intercultural communication skills, Presentation skills) will give participants the needed preparation to conduct in turn their own SUCTI trainings.


In-house trainings

The SUCTI in-house training is a course offered to administrative staff at every partner university conceived to empower staff so that they become agents of change of the internationalisation process of their institution. This course of 12 hours includes: 1) the basics of internationalisation (what is it, what are the benefits and challenges,), 2) what does the own institution do in terms of internationalisation (what is done, who is involved in the process, the internationalisation strategy, testimonials from international students or staff who has had a mobility experience…), 3) the basics of intercultural communication so that participants understand the challenges and become more aware and comfortable with this type of communication, and 4) the empowering message that staff members are an important agent for internationalisation to take place, which they complete by presenting their own personal ideas for contributing to the institution’s internationalisation objectives from their own job posts.