Upcoming events

  • NAFSA 2018

SUCTI Session on Tuesday, May 29th 2:30-3:30

The SUCTI project will be showcased at the session “Empowering Non-academic Staff to Support Internationalisation” during the upcoming NAFSA Conference, due to take place May 27th-June 1st in Philadelphia, USA. This session will be presented by Dr. Uwe Brandenburg, Ms. Ruth Graf and Ms. Marina Casals. This session is scheduled for Tuesday May 29th from 2:30 to 3:30. Do not miss it!


The SUCTI Open Seminars are a shorter version of the SUCTI in-house training condensed in just one day (6 hours) including most of the contents of the in-house training except for the content related to the university per se nor the presentation of their personal ideas for contributing, which would not be applicable as participants will attend from different institutions.

Each partner country will organise this multiplier event in order to ensure the regional and national dimension of the project. Higher Education institutions (public and private) will be invited to join and participate in this seminar. It will be organised as a one day seminar led by the partner institution of each country and staff from other higher education institutions will be invited.

Date: October 2018 (TBC)


This event aims at exchanging good practices received and evaluated by the network of training experts in internationalisation. A one day event will be organised by the University of Porto in order to share these experiences and motivate other higher education institutions to integrate SUCTI in their in-house training activities.

Date: March 2019 (TBC)


This last event aims at sharing all the results of the project, products, publications, online platform, training materials and invite other higher education institutions to join the SUCTI community as well as to implement its innovative practices.

Date TBC