Outputs and Results

O1-European Report on Systemic University Changes Towards Internationalisation in European Higher Education Institutions

In order to build a stronger basis for the development and delivery of the Train the Trainers programme (one of the key outputs), the design of the SUCTI project foresaw a research project to provide deeper insight into how administrative staff are being trained to deal with the new tasks and functions they face as their universities engage more significantly in internationalisation.  The Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI) at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) in Milan Italy was the leader of this intellectual output.

The partners decided to carry out the study in two parts:

  1. An online questionnaire that would map out the current in-house training provisions for the internationalisation of administrative staff at European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs);
  2. Case studies in the six participating institutions built around the experiences and perceptions from a range of administrative staff about current training provision for internationalisation and how it might be improved.

The online questionnaire was distributed to 842 International Directors (or equivalent title) at institutions in the European Higher Education Area registered in the EAIE database in March 2017. Project partners in three of the five countries (Spain, Germany, and Portugal) forwarded the link to their own national networks. Overall, 235 responses (27.9%) were received, of which 180 (21.4%) were complete, which are rather usual response rates in such large-scale surveys. For this report, only the 180 complete surveys were used.

Download the report here:

O2- Development of the blended training course and training materials

The European Report on Systemic University Changes Towards Internationalisation in European Higher Education Institutions (O1) has provided the main information on which to design the course contents for the “Train the Trainers”, the “in-house Training” and the “open seminars” within SUCTI project. Presentation materials and a trainer’s handbook is prepared for the different SUCTI Training activities. These will be made available to the public by the end of the project.

Find the SUCTI training materials here.

O3- Assessment development to measure the impact of the “training in internationalisation” for administrative staff

This is a core activity in order to ensure that all stakeholders involved in trainings provide valuable feedback on the impact of the courses. The results of this evaluation tool will demonstrate the effectiveness of the training to administrative staff and whether it does indeed lead to a greater awareness and international and intercultural competence.

This output has not been budgeted by the Project, but as it is considered crucial for the measurement of the impact of the SUCTI course, it has nevertheless been developed.

O4- SUCTI training offer

This output will organise the training activities of the project: the course to train experts in internationalisation (train the trainers), the in-house SUCTI trainings at all partner universities and also the Open Seminars, which are Multiplier events, targeting other higher education institutions of the regions where partners are located.

O5- Network of SUCTI trainers

From the Train the Trainers course, a group of 21 international experts will be trained to become SUCTI Trainers of internationalization, and therefore prepared to help improve the international strategies and culture at their home Higher Education Institutions.

The Network of SUCTI Trainers will organise a best practice Conference.