O1-European report on systemic university changes towards internationalisation in European Higher Education Institutions

A methodology will be defined in order to identify good practices by all partners on “internationalisation of staff” and each partner will carry out a National Report. The activity leader will prepare a European report on systemic university changes towards internationalisation in European HEIs. The website of the project will be designed in this stage.

O2- Development of the blended training course and training materials

The European report will provide the main training lines to cover so that all partners participate in the design of the course “HEI training experts in internationalisation”. Also, a trainer’s handbook will be prepared as a teaching guide for trainers.

O3- Assessment development to measure the impact of the “training in internationalisation” for administrative staff

This is a core activity in order to ensure that all stakeholders involved in trainings provide valuable feedback on the impact of the activities. This evaluation stage is focused on impact, which will demonstrate that the results of the training to administrative staff lead to a greater international culture, awareness and competence.

O4- SUCTI training offer

This output will organise the training activities of the project: the HEI training experts in internationalisation (train the trainers), the in-house SUCTI trainings in internationalisation to administrative staff and also the Open training, which are Multiplier events, targeting other higher education institutions.

O5- Network of SUCTI trainers

From the training on “HEI training experts in internationalisation”, a group of 21 international experts will be trained to become SUCTI Trainers of internationalization, and therefore trained to help improve the international strategies and culture at HEIs, through offering trainings to staff.

The Network of SUCTI Trainers will organise a best practice conference and through a call for other higher education institutions and will continuously share best practices.

O6-SUCTI European virtual resource centre

The resources centre will aim at providing all stakeholders with the results of the project but not only as a repository of documents. As a centre with an online community embedded, it will offer information on how to use the tools, some forums with recommendations and even some virtual consultancy.

O7-Evaluation strategy

This output will include the definition of the evaluation strategy including quality standards and methodology, control procedures, Instruments and expected KPIs and proposal of remedial actions and effectively confront quality problems which might surface.

O8-Exploitation & Sustainability

This output will include an exploitation plan to steer the production of results towards the demands of project stakeholders, policy-makers and ultimately the society, ensuring that such results reach the right target audiences in a format and at a time which enables them to benefit from them.