Training materials

SUCTI Trainers manual

In-house Training materials in 6 languages

In POLISH (complete course)

In GERMAN (complete course)

In CATALAN (complete course)


Part 1: Internationalisation                   Part 2: Rankings and Intercultural communication

Part 3: Internationalisation and you     Part 3: Internationalisation and you (variant)


Part 1: Introduction & Global trends    Part 2: Internationalisation & our university

Parts 3 & 4: Intercultural Communication

Part 5: Rankings                                    Part 6: Intercultural skills and you


Part 1: Introduction                               Part 2: History of internationalisation

Part 3: Your institution                          Part 4: Rankings

Part 5: Your country (data contest)       Part 6: Global trends

Part 7: What is in it for me                    Part 8: Internationalisation activities

Train the Trainer material (in English)

Initial and last session                      Intercultural communication

Internationalisation part 1                Internationalisation part 2

Project and evaluation tool              Training skills