Seminars are presentations, more or less interactive, depending on the time allocated to them, which can be adapted to the needs of a certain institution or a particular target audience:

  • Directed to leadership
  • Directed to the Human Resources Department
  • Directed to the staff in contact with international students
  • Directed to international relations staff
  • Open to the whole institution
  • For a specific event
  • Presentation within an international staff week

We recommend that if you want to implement SUCTI in your institution, you organise a Leadership Seminar with the leading team of your higher education institution. This can last 1 hour and would give the main information on the benefits of implementing SUCTI, its aims and possible impact on the institution. This would also give the chance to the leadership to ask questions and find the best way for their institution to move forward.

Before the Leadership Seminar, we would hold a 1 hour skype meeting with the Institutional Coordinator (the one leading the interest of implementing SUCTI) in order to prepare the presentation adapted to the context and to your particular objectives.

We recommend that this seminar is done in combination with a half/full-day workshop for middle-management or for those in International Relations or even an open presentation session to all interested staff.

A Presentation session is a short presentation (1 or 1 and a half hours) to communicate the objectives of the SUCTI project and its main contents. It can be given within an International Staff Week programme, internally to all staff in your institution or at an event for other institutions as well. This can be adapted to many different contexts and objectives.

The half- or full-day seminars or workshops are short versions of the In-house SUCTI Training but they cannot substitute a proper SUCTI Training nor do they have the same objectives.

They can be directed to middle management, to international relations professionals, or take place in the context of a national event for different institutions.

Model Programme for full-day seminar:

Time Activity
9:00 Welcome to participants and ice-breaker
9:30 What is the SUCTI Project and Why can it be important for my institution?
10:00 What are the contents of SUCTI?

  • Internationalisation: what is it? Basic concepts.
  • History of internationalisation
  • What does your institution do in terms of internationalisation?
  • Rankings and Global Trends
  • Intercultural Communication
  • What is in it for you?
  • Participant’s project
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Results of the “European Report for Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation”
11:30 Training Materials
12:00 Methodology and structure of the course
12:30 Participants’ projects, international community, and expected impact on the institution.
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 The messages of SUCTI and how to transform your institution from within
15:30 The role of Human Resources Department in integrating the SUCTI course
16:00 How to bring the leadership on board?
16:30 Open debate
17:00 End of Workshop