Train the Trainers

The “Train the Trainers” course is an intensive full-week training course which aims to transform administrative staff into SUCTI trainers so that they can deliver the SUCTI training in their own institutions, in their own language, to their peer administrative staff members.
Once universities have trained all their staff, they will have absorbed the concept of internationalisation, and this systemic change will make them truly international institutions. Our final aim is therefore that internationalisation becomes second nature and not merely an extra.
The Train the Trainers programme will provide trainers with all the tools they need to give courses on internationalisation at their home institutions, and help them bring about the much-needed systemic change towards Internationalisation in their own institutions.

The course focuses on three different types of content:
– Information on internationalisation
– Intercultural communication skills
– Training skills

The Train the Trainer course is entirely in English.
The number of places is limited (maximum 20 participants)

Learning outcomes

After completing the “Train the Trainers” programme, participants will:

  • Be able to train other university administrative staff in the most important aspects of internationalisation, so they can raise awareness and shift the internal culture of their institutions towards internationalisation and thus create systemic change.
  • Be aware that the training forms part of the Internationalisation at Home process and that it leads to sustainable results
  • Be better informed about internationalisation
  • Have better presentation skills
  • Have a good understanding of intercultural communication
  • Have learned from other trainers, other participants and other cultural backgrounds.
  • Be able to deal with all the organisational aspects of the training, preparation of materials, etc…

Target audience

We invite universities to send two or ideally three staff members to become SUCTI trainers. After going through the Train the Trainers week, they will be able to deliver a SUCTI training course back in their institution to peer administrative staff.

It is of course possible to send only one staff member, but our experience shows that it is more difficult to organise the in-house course afterwards if the preparation and delivery of the course depends only on one person, as this person will need to take all necessary organisational steps at their own institution, deal with the preparation, translation and adaptation of materials if needed, and finally the delivery of such a course.
For the peer learning and the empowerment effect, it is important that the person who will become a SUCTI Trainer is a member of the administrative staff.
All participants must attend all sessions of the Train the Trainer course from the beginning to the very end in order to receive the Certificate of Attendance.
All participants will have to make a short presentation at the end of the course.

The profile of the ideal SUCTI trainer is:

  • Communicative: The SUCTI Trainer must have good communication skills, willingness to train a group of peers and motivation to go through this process.
  • Fun: The overall methodology for the SUCTI course is participatory and interactive. It has to be fun for people to learn and therefore, training should also be fun for the trainer him/herself!
  • Interested and with some degree of experience in internationalisation: Working in international relations, having had a mobility experience abroad or being interested in matters related to internationalisation is a must.
  • English skills: A minimum level of English is required to be able to follow and actively participate in the training. Recommended level: B2.
  • Willing to learn: Willing to learn during the Train the Trainers course, but also from the groups that the newly formed trainer will train afterwards. Training is a great way to learn from participants as they possess a great deal of knowledge and concerns worth listening to!

Next Train the Trainers course in Tarragona: 17 – 21 April 2023. More information & registration HERE

We are designing a Certification Process for those trainers who would like to become a trainer in the SUCTI Database of trainers, be able to deliver training or workshops in other institutions and have the skills of a senior SUCTI Trainer. More information will soon be available here.