International Staff Training Week URV

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili gives a “Train the Trainers” course to help SUCTI develop and grow. It is a form of International Staff Week and provides participants -future SUCTI Trainers- with the knowledge and skills to deliver the SUCTI course at their home institutions afterwards, thus enabling them to become part of the big SUCTI family.

The Learning Outcomes of this ISTW

After completing the “Train the Trainers” program, you will:

  • Be able to train other university administrative staff in the most important aspects of internationalization. This will allow you to raise awareness and shift the internal culture of your institution towards internationalization and thus enable much needed systemic change.
  • Be aware that the training forms part of the Internationalization at Home process and that it leads to sustainable results.
  • Be better informed about internationalization.
  • Have better presentation skills.
  • Have a greater understanding of intercultural communication.
  • Have learnt from other trainers, other participants and other cultural backgrounds.

You can see the programme for the former “Train the Trainers” week at the event’s site.

The next Train the Trainers week will be in 2016 (dates to be announced in the near future). If you are interested and would like us to keep you informed, please send us an email to:

Watch the interview with Marina Casals after the event.


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