Measuring results

In order to measure the impact of the SUCTI course, trainers must give participants a pre-course survey and a post-course survey. Both will be done on-line (or can be inserted online afterwards) and the results will be easily measurable.

Each question will have a positive or a negative value associated to it as regards internationalization. In some cases, 1 will be positive. In others, 5 will be positive. They will then be measured using the Participant universities’ codes and any change between before and after the course will be detected.

The four aspects measured are:

  • International culture of the university
  • Prejudices and/or stereotypes
  • Perceived communication skills
  • Attitudes towards internationalization

These aspects can be then graphically represented using spider graphs and after the courses, we can compare by university, information before and after the course, from year to year, from country to country and so on and so forth.

First results

The survey shows a clear trend of slight improvement of participant’s attitudes towards internationalization, perceived communication skills, international culture of the institution and understanding of prejudices and stereotypes after the SUCTI course.

If you want to access the survey responses analysis, click here.


(We hope to be including more languages to this list as we go along)

In Catalan:

In Spanish:

In English:


Apart from the SUCTI impact surveys (the pre- and post- surveys above), do not forget to give participants a survey on participant’s feedback and satisfaction.

This survey should measure the participant’s level of satisfaction with the course and its organization:

  • The information prior to the course
  • The time devoted to it
  • The trainer
  • The content
  • The conditions (place…)

You can find several samples of such surveys on the internet. But we provide you a possible sample for your convenience.


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